The Harvard Club Summer Community Service Fellowship

Donations from Club members support one or more Harvard students in their 10-week community service project for a Cape Cod non-profit organization.  Student work is intended to have a meaningful impact on the non-profit and the Cape community in addition to being an important learning experience. 

Student Applications

HCCC works with the Harvard Center for Public Service to find students with an interest in a public service project on Cape Cod.  Students who have lived on the Cape are given preference, although any student willing to work on the Cape is considered.  Applicants are encouraged to reach out to any 501(c)(3) non-profit on the Cape and Islands in their area of interest and discuss possible projects, ideally with measurable milestones that can be achieved in the 10 week period.  Applicants must submit a resume and their student record, a description of the project and a letter of support from the sponsoring non-profit. To learn more click here. The deadline for applications is generally in March/April and the HCCC review committee makes its decision in April.

Sponsoring Organizations

Participating organizations should have work that is challenging and offers students the opportunity to learn new professional skills, and achieve a meaningful objective within a 10 week period.  Organizations should also be willing to discuss the project with the potential fellow and allow their interests to shape the work.  For a list of sponsoring non-profits click here.  

We encourage any Cape Cod non-profit who would like to learn more to contact Anne Tupper (  

2023 Fellows

Lauren Kwee '24

laurenkwee24Lauren Kwee is a rising senior from Honolulu and the Dudley Co-op concentrating in Physics with a secondary in Education Studies. As an Overland Summers leader they will lead three groups of twelve 9th-11th grade students about teamwork, independence, and appreciation of the environment while camping in Massachusetts and Vermont. Wilderness First Aid & CPR certified, they will be responsible for physical safety 24/7 as well as driving, communicating with parents, cooking, meal preparation and organizing bonding and sporting activities with one other co-leader.

Margo Silliman '25

margosilliman25Margo is a rising Quincy House junior from Barnstable High jointly concentrating in History & Literature with a secondary in Theater, Dance and Media. She will intern with Atlantic Public Media at CAI, our local NPR station, where she will pitch stories, shadow reporters, and create content mostly for sonic IDs which are one minute anecdotes from community voices. Covering cultural events and assisting Viki Merrick of and Moth Radio Hour she will learn about sound editing, researching, interviewing, and being a radio personality.

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