Membership Benefits

  • Social Interaction

    HCCC offers many opportunities for members to connect with each other. Throughout the year there are guest speakers, luncheons, and other scheduled get-togethers and recreational events. As well, members are able to search the membership directory to discover others who studied in the same school or year, live in the same neighborhood, and share similar interests. The homepage features different members throughout the year and introduces new members to the community. Coming to know others and being known by others gives the Club a sense of real community. 

  • Educational Encounter

    New ideas and fresh insights challenge Club members at guest lectures, field trips, and on other occasions. Harvard alums can continue their life of learning by participating in Club events with likeminded seekers of understanding and a greater appreciation of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

  • Community Outreach

    HCCC not only looks inward to build community but also reaches out to the wider public of Cape Cod and beyond. Members participate in community service projects and promote the common good through the gift of both money and time. 

  • Harvard Connection

    Ties between the Cape Cod Club and Harvard University are robust. Many speakers from the university are featured at our scheduled sessions and news, events, and the resources offered by the Harvard Alumni Association are easily accessed through our website. 

  • Student Support

    With the goal of supporting the new generation of Harvard students and alumni, HCCC engages with them in a number of significant ways.

    • Members interview and advise prospective students from the Cape and Islands.
    • Each summer the Club sponsors one or more students in community service projects that benefit the region. These Fellows are college undergraduates who design and execute projects that apply what they have learned in class to address a real need in the community. Contributions to the Fellowship fund make their service activity possible.